Have you had a
C-Section and Now planning to have a VBAC?

Yes, I believe!

Yes, I want real answers

Yes, I would listen.

I want this information

Your vaginal birth is possible and we can show you how.

Having a Vaginal birth is one of the most rewarding experiences for mothers but even more so after having a caesarean. Why?

Because often times you are told it isn’t possible.

Well, It is Possible.

You can have a VBAC Without Fear


An Amazing Experience


VBAC Without Fear is our amazing weekly-workshop and is an important opportunity and wonderful experience, especially, if you are preparing for a vaginal birth after caesarean.


Designed and conducted by a VBAC specialist


Designed and conducted by VBAC specialist, qualified midwife and former doula, Delia Muhammad, and based on her over 30-years of extensive experience supporting mothers throughout their pregnancy and childbirth, this workshop will educate, empower and build up your confidence for this next pregnancy.


In this workshop Delia will carefully guide you to understand what are the concerns of your medical practitioners and what you must do to prepare yourself so that you can skill-fully navigate (and possibly negotiate) to get to the finishing line. She will open your eyes to the various possibilities and begin strengthening you mentally to accept the physical.


In other words, it is not simply about informing you to get on with it instead it is about simplifying it so that you know exactly what you want and how to realise it.


Your labour mode can be smoother when ready


When you begin to properly understand the “physiology of labour” your labour can be smoother but it takes you believing and working with your body in your pregnancy.


“Working with my body?” Yes, believe it or not, from the moment you become pregnant your body begins preparing you for labour.


Therefore, if you are a VBAC mother looking for more information on how to prepare for labour and childbirth we highly recommend this workshop for you.


By doing this workshop you are telling yourself that “I know it’s possible!”


This workshop is based on providing you with real answers, based on real experience, real facts and real results. you are facing your fears and taking real steps to getting the answers that can help take you nearer to fulfilling your dream.

Oh, Oh.
We’ve got a Special Gift for You!


Assembling your VBAC Warriors team (family and friends) to support you throughout your VBAC is vitally, vitally important too!




Start Your VBAC Journey Today 

Sign-Up today for the VBAC Without Fear online workshop and get the answers you need to make your dream vaginal birth come true.

Easy access via mobile device or desktop

Whether its the comfort of your living room, comfy bed or outdoors you can easily join in via mobile device or personal computer

Choose your date and time

Simply choose an available date and time slot that’s suitable for you when you are signing-up and you’re ready-to-go

Only 2-hrs

It’s only 2-hrs, including breaks, which means it strikes the right balance for you to acquire lots of great information and yet leave you wondering how the time flew by so quickly

That’s It!
I Want to Begin
My VBAC Journey.

The ultimate
VBAC learning experience.


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