Breastfeeding – How to Avoid Sore Nipples

In this video qualified midwife, Delia Muhammad shares with you why mothers get sore nipples and how to avoid this happening.

She’ll also show you why you should approach breastfeeding as actually more about comforting baby than just to feed baby. You are baby’s comforter more than a feeder.

Sore nipples can be very distressing and a source of discomfort, which can take away that connection between you and baby, causing you to avoid breastfeeding. By understanding that your nipple expands once touched this opens the door to you knowing how your body works. Baby does not know this and sucks on an expanded nipple causing it to becoming irritated and sore.

Regardless of the nipple size it will expand when touched or stimulated. Look at your nipple size before baby goes on. Look at your nipple size anytime baby comes off making sure baby’s mouth is wide open for an expanded nipple.

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