AuthorDelia Muhammad

Speaker, Life Coach, Counsellor & VBAC Specialist. For over 25 years, Delia has been advising, counselling, supporting women and mothers through their fears in pregnancy and relationships.

The Breast Connection

Breastfeeding is a contentious topic for so many reasons. It should be a time of relaxing, and comforting baby. Instead it becomes a ‘stressful chore’, which should not be seen as that. Some mothers see themselves as a cow. While others...

VBAC is Possible!

VBAC is Possible!

VBAC means Vaginal Birth After Caesarean section. Once again this subject is being spoken on to empower, uplift and educate VBAC mothers. As well as educate and inform those who would like to know more about it. This pod cast will cover: – The...