Breast Connection is the Best Connection, pt.2

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Speaker, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, & Birth Educator. For over 25 years, Delia has been advising, counselling, supporting women and mothers through their fears in pregnancy and relationships.

Breastfeeding can be challenging but with the right information and approach things can change for the better.

When a baby is put to the breast there is a connection that is not seen but can only be felt by mother and baby. With a baby moving around and crying it can be become distressing. Here are some tips to help you get into a space of understanding and patience because that is what breastfeeding needs.

What is shared:

  • It is not breastfeeding to a new born
  • Comfort is the first priority, then feeding
  • Why babies cry
  • It takes time to understand the language of your baby
  • Breastfeeding is totally new with each child
  • Repeating helps to raise confidence. It’s all training

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