Sankofa Hypnobirthing: Interview with Hypnotherapist, Tracy Awere

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Speaker, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, & Birth Educator. For over 25 years, Delia has been advising, counselling, supporting women and mothers through their fears in pregnancy and relationships.


Tracey Awere is a UK based hypnobirthing teacher. She takes a holistic mind, body, and soul approach when working with clients and tailors her courses to suit the individual. Tracy also has a love of yoga and is currently in training to be a Yoga-birth teacher.

In this episode we chat with Tracy Awere, an experienced hypnobirthing teacher and founder of Sankofa Hynobirthing. Tracy discusses hypnobirthing and how it serves as a complete birth preparation programme for pregnant women and their birth partners; how she used her own pregnancy over 10 years ago as the catalyst toward developing her own hypnobirthing philosophy and the inspiration for her work today and how she has found great success in her holistic mind, body, and soul approach while using evidence-based self-hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques in helping expectant parents to release anxieties and relax in any situation.

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